16-Boat Airdopes 131 vs 138 Which is Better?


Boat Airdopes 131 vs 138 Which is Better: It is difficult for everyone to choose one of the two products, it is as difficult for me as it is for you, that is why here I have told you the comparison of Boat Airdopes 131 vs 138 so that you can choose between these two products for yourself

While buying any product, you should read the complete review of that product only after that you should buy otherwise you will have to regret buying, here I have compared both the products so that you do not have any problem in choosing one of these two products

Product NamePrice
boAt Airdopes 131`Check Price
boAt Airdopes 138Check Price

Boat Airdopes 131 vs 138 Which is Better


Earbuds are both excellent but let’s compare both and determine which Earbuds are better and which one you should buy

If seen, both earbuds have some special identity, if you are also fond of Airdopes, then you should have complete information about Boat Airdopes 131 so that you do not regret after buying whatever earbuds you are thinking of buying


The driver size of boat airdops 131 is 13mm, if you are fond of listening to music then you must know that more driver size is better and a 650 mAh powerful pocket-friendly charging case has been given so that you can charge your phone Fast

You should also know about Boat Airdopes 138, Boat Airdopes 138 has a Driver Size of 13MM so that you can listen to the song in good sound, the better the Driver Size, the better it will be for you, given 650MAH Charging Case Has happened so that you can charge your Airdopes and listen to the song


If seen, there is not much difference between both Airdopes, if you are thinking of buying Earbuds then you can try both Airdopes

Boat Airdopes 131 vs 138 Comparison

SpecsBoat Airdopes 131Boat Airdopes 138
Headphone TypeIn-EarIn-Ear
Music Playtime3 Hours per bud3 Hours per bud
Standby100 Hours100 hours
Charging TechnologyNANA
Charging Time2 Hours2 Hours
Transmission Range10m10m
Driver Size13mm x 2 Drivers13mm x 2 Drivers
Battery650mAh Pocket-Friendly Charging Case650mAh Pocket-Friendly Charging Case
CompatibilityAll Bluetooth DevicesAll Bluetooth Devices
Charging InterfaceType CType C
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Boat Airdopes 131 vs 138 Which One to Buy?

If seen, both the Earbuds look almost the same, so you can buy either of the Earbuds, if you look at the charging time, then the Charging time is given in both of them and Music Playtime is 3 Hour in both the Earbuds


If seen, the Driver Size is the same in both the Earbuds and the Standby Time is also the same, so accordingly you can buy either of the Airdopes

Which one to buy Boat Airdopes 131 vs 138?

There is something special in both the Airdopes, if you go to find the difference between the two airdopes, then you will hardly find any difference between the two, because both the airdopes are the same in the sound part, in this you will not see the difference, that is why you will not get to see the difference between these two. Should buy any one of the airdopes blindly

Is boat Airdopes 131 vs 138 driver size the same?

Yes, the driver size of both the airdopes is the same, the driver size of 13MM is given in both the airdopes so that you can enjoy the song in a nice and melodious voice.

Does boAt Airdopes 131 or 138 have good bass?

If seen, the driver size of 13MM has been given in both the Airdopes, according to this the sound and bass of both the Airdopes will be very good

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I have told you about Boat Airdopes 131 vs 138 by comparison here so that you can choose one of the two products and buy a great product for yourself

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